"web scraping" and "ex waif[u]," poems in wax nine

"Luxxii 2 Pack - Stainless Steel Ear Spoon Portable Double-Ended Ear Pick Earwax Cleaning Tools Removal Ear Cleaner Spoon Spiral Ear Clean Tool," poem in underblong

"PLEASE DON'T GO TO SPACE BEFORE I GROW GILLS," poem in peach magazine

"the whales will thank her," flash in X-R-A-Y

interview with anna qu, catapult

"what does it mean to be 'made' somewhere?" essay on chinese community in prato, italy in catapult

"midst: turning poems into performances," review in bomb

"fruit," flash in the margins

"writing is just shitting," essay in hobart

"my crush who looks like me hasn't texted me back," flash in kaleidoscoped

"six youthful encounters with death," flash in cheap pop

"a small door in a large wall," poem in the shanghai literary review

1 2 3 poems, idk magazine (2 is my fave)

"twin peaks," poem in up the staircase quarterly

letters from prato, italy, where i was a fulbright fellow 2019-20

rich brian cultural criticism, hyphen

"my bowl cut," essay in college mag